About us.

” Where design is about elevating experiences. “

Who we are

TRD Labx is an industrial design studio specialising in the design and development of products and systems for a variety of industries, including consumer goods. As an industrial design studio, our primary goal is to create functional and aesthetically pleasing products that meet the needs of end users while also taking into account the manufacturing and technical aspects of the product.


Our studio plays a critical role in helping businesses bring their product ideas to life and create user friendly products

We always work with a good process

Attention to detail

Vision & Mission

TRD LabX was conceptualised with the mission to convert ideas into revenue-generating, impactful products. We are a product design, development and consultation studio, focused on taking new product ideas through design, prototype development and manufacturing. We help companies understand their market, map uses and interactions, create innovative and impactful products, and take it to market

Why Us?

We always
serve various digital brands.

Our studio is dedicated to assisting you in achieving product success by providing you with carefully produced designs that elevate your brand and propel your business to new heights.


User-Centric Design

Our focus is on creating designs that enhance the user experience.


Seamless Process

We streamline the design process to ensure efficiency and timely delivery of exceptional designs.

Technical Expert

Technical Expertise

Our team combines design creativity  to deliver designs that are both visually stunning and technically feasible.


Passion for Design

We are driven by a genuine love for design and a commitment to creating exceptional products.

‘Tis Us

Meet the faces behind your design. At the heart of our design firm, you’ll find a team of talented individuals who are passionate about turning ideas into reality. We believe in the power of collaboration and bring together diverse expertise in industrial design, engineering, and innovation.

Ram Gottimukkala

Founder & CEO

” I build teams and they end up being products “

Tejasai Thunuguntla

Project Manager

” You are never wrong to do the right thing. “

Koshiki Agarwal

Product designer

” Creating products that enrich everyday experiences “

Treasa Tharakan

Industrial design intern

” Making sense of disorder “

Kanika Bukka

Industrial design intern

Knowing things is my thing.

Ayush Arya

Industrial design intern

I build the storyline, you can call it design.

Bhavyasree S

Industrial design intern

It’s all about perspective.

Shreya AM

Industrial design intern

I’m the after effects of design.

This could be you.

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