Design Research

Our design research service focuses on gaining deep insights into user needs, preferences, and behaviours. We employ a variety of research methods and techniques to gather qualitative and quantitative data, analyse trends, and identify opportunities for innovation for our client by understanding user perspectives and market dynamics.


Research Plan

User Personas

Research Findings

User Journey Mapping

User Research

Design Strategy Recommendations

Our Process.

Defining the Research Objectives

  • We begin by clearly articulating the goals and objectives of the research. Identifying the problem or opportunity we are addressing and defining the scope of the research.

Planning the Research

We develop a research plan that outlines the methods, techniques, and tools. Determining the target audience or participants for the research, selecting appropriate research methods, and creating a timeline for data collection.

Analysing Data

Once data is collected, we analyse and interpret it to identify patterns, and insights. We use qualitative analysis techniques for understanding user experiences, attitudes, and behaviours.

Communicating and Documenting Findings

Throughout research, we maintain clear documentation of the research activities, findings, and insights, and communicate the research findings, to ensure that the research outputs are effectively shared and understood.

Conducting Background Research

Before diving into primary research, we gather existing knowledge and information about the topic. Review and understand the relevant literature, reports, market trends, and any other available resources.

Collecting Data

Implementing the research plan by collecting data from the chosen methods. Conducting interviews, running surveys, observing users, analysing existing data, or any other appropriate means.

Generating Insights

Based on the analysis of the data, we extract meaningful insights and look for common patterns, user needs, pain points, and opportunities, which inform the design process and guide decision-making.

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