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Design Research

Our design research service focuses on gaining deep insights into user needs, preferences, and behaviours. We employ a variety of research methods and techniques to gather qualitative and quantitative data, analyse trends, and identify opportunities for innovation for our client by understanding user perspectives and market dynamics.

Product design and development

Our method of product design and development integrates consumer happiness, functionality, and aesthetics. We produce goods that effortlessly combine form and function by adopting a holistic viewpoint and encouraging designer-engineer collaboration. Our team is dedicated to producing products of the highest calibre, aligned with the objectives and brand identities of our clients, that inspire, engage, and delight users.

Design engineering and prototyping

Our design engineering and prototyping service is made to assist clients in turning their conceptual product designs into working prototypes that are prepared for testing, assessment, and production. To design creative solutions that adhere to your product needs, we combine technical competence with creative problem-solving. We offer thorough help throughout the design engineering and prototyping process, from idea development and engineering analysis to prototype development and testing.

3D Modeling and visualisation

Our 3D modelling and visualisation service transforms your product designs into realistic and immersive visual representations. We produce intricate 3D renderings and animations for visualisation, prototyping, and marketing materials using cutting-edge methods and technologies. We work in close collaboration  with you to bring your ideas to life while presenting the look, feel, and features of your goods.

Innovation and IP strategy

Our innovation and IP strategy service is designed to assist clients in developing a comprehensive strategy to protect their intellectual property and drive innovation. We assess your intellectual property landscape, identify opportunities for innovation, develop IP protection strategies, and guide you in navigating the complex world of patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.

Tooling and manufacturing

Our tooling and manufacturing service transforms the clients’ product designs from concepts to tangible realities by optimising for efficient production, selecting suitable materials and methods, and ensuring high-quality results within specified timelines.


As part of our packaging design service, we mix innovation, usability, and brand strategy to produce visually appealing and practical packaging for your goods.We align with your brand identity and objectives while considering the practical aspects of manufacturing, logistics, and consumer usability.


Our pricing strategy service is designed to help clients optimise their product pricing to maximise profitability, competitiveness, and customer value. We understand that pricing plays a critical role in business success and requires a strategic approach. Our team of experts will work closely with you to analyse market dynamics, competitor pricing, customer behaviour, and your business goals to develop effective pricing strategies tailored to your products and target market.

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